Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

The timeless beauty of Oriental Rugs has enchanted us for centuries. These treasures are true works of art. Each has its own soul, its own story.

Properly cared for, they can last for generations.

We love rugs. In addition to cleaning them we are engaged in a life long quest to learn all we can. In Iran alone there are over twenty weaving centers and 4000 different types of rugs. At Carr’s Rug Cleaning we not only clean rugs, we live rugs. From understanding how they are made from shearing of wool to the finishing washes to how they are soiled allows us to provide a level of cleaning unsurpassed anywhere.

Our primary process of dust, wash, rinse and dry outlined below also provides an outstanding cleaning on machine woven pieces such as Karastans, Belgian rugs, Wiltons, axministers, hand tufted rugs and more.

Note: Due to construction and dye methods some rugs may not be safely submerged for washing. For these reasons, after the dusting process, alternative methods of cleaning will be employed on these rugs. 
















Do your rugs have frayed sides or ends, tears or holes? We offer full service repair from securing fringes to complete reweaving of large areas. In addition we offer color repair services for bleached or faded areas.


Extend the life of your rug and eliminate slipping hazards with the proper rug pad. For rugs on wood floors, stone, tile, or carpet we’ve got you covered. We custom cut the pad at our facility to fit any size rug you have.


Protect your rug from unwanted stains, spills, and soiling with the application of Fiber ProTector®. Added benefits are a reduction in sun fading, static build up and reduced surface abrasion. It is also bacteriostatic, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

Consignment Sales

We have a small collection of dealer consigned rugs and customer consigned rugs for sale. Occasionally great deals can be had with unclaimed rugs. Drop by and see our collection.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

We begin with a 46 point inspection checklist. This documents pre-existing conditions and brings attention to any repairs that may be needed. All rugs are then digitally photographed and these images are archived for your protection.


The most important step in cleaning rugs is the removal of the dry particulate soil. Wool rugs in particular have the ability to hold pounds of accumulated dirt and dust which is not easily removed, especially when wet. We employ a dual step process to remove dry soil from your rugs. First the rugs are placed in a Tumble Duster which dislodges the deeply embedded soil. Then the rug is moved to our “dusting deck” where, using an industrial air compressor and a specially designed air wand, the remaining dry soil is removed from both the front and back of the rug.


This process involves placing the rugs in our Star Paddle Wheel Wash Tub. This European designed machine is essentially a 1200 gallon spa for your rugs. The slow turning of the paddle wheel allows the rugs to gently” swim” in the water for a prescribed amount of time removing the soluble soils. Combined with our color stabilizing agents and botanical detergents this method of washing produces better results than any other method we have used or seen leaving your rugs feeling soft and smelling fresh and clean. (Complete pet urine decontamination is achieved by pre-treating and soaking with specialized cleaning agents prior to placing in wash tub.)


After washing, the rugs are rinsed then placed in our custom built centrifuge. Working much like the spin cycle in your washing machine the cylinder spins at an incredible 900 rpm wringing out the water and the final traces of cleaning agents and suspended soils. In about 3 minutes the rug is only slightly damp.


For the final phase of drying most of the rugs are hung with the remainder lying flat to dry. Air flow, heat, and dehumidification provide the perfect environment for proper drying.


After drying the rugs are rolled out, the fringes are combed and any necessary touch ups are performed. Requested treatments such as soil/stain protectors, and moth & insect repellents are applied. If ordered, pads are cut and the rugs are rolled and shelved. We then call then call to let you know the rugs are ready.

6 Misconceptions about Area Rug Cleaning
MISCONCEPTION #1: You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your rugs.

No. Dirt is abrasive like sandpaper. And every time you step and grind dirt into the wool (or silk) fibers of your rugs, you are causing damage. I have had clients who wait 4 years or longer to clean their rugs, and then wonder why their areas of foot traffic are much more worn than other areas. It’s not the shoes that are causing the damage – it’s the dirt the shoes are pushing into the fibers that is causing the damage.

For some reason, a myth has emerged in the US that “cleaning rugs is bad for them,” and this simply is not true. Removing the abrasive dirt from rugs is one of the best ways to ensure your rug has a long life.

Cleaning is not bad for your rugs. Bad Cleaners are what’s bad for your rugs.

MISCONCEPTION #2: Wool area rugs should not be cleaned with water.

Not true. All area rug cleaning plants clean with water. Virtually all wool rugs have been washed prior to ending up in a showroom. Using water is not an issue when cleaning wool rugs but quick and proper drying is critical.

MISCONCEPTION #3: My Oriental Rugs can be cleaned in my home.

Bad idea. First the dangers. If they get the rugs too wet the foundation will not dry quickly enough and can begin to mildew and dyes can bleed. In addition you have the floors to worry about which also means the fringe can’t be cleaned. Speaking of cleaning the vast majority of dirt in a rug is dry particulate sandy soils and virtually none of that is being removed in your home. We consider the most important step in rug cleaning to be removing the dry soil which we achieve by using a tumble duster and an industrial air compressor with an air wand. The amount of “stuff” removed can be staggering.

MISCONCEPTION #4: Urine stains and odors can be remedied with store bought products like Nature’s Miracle.

These products can be partially effective but think of it like this; a diaper should not be just deodorized, it should be washed free of contaminants. It’s no different with rugs.
We can guarantee odor removal because we are washing it out of the rug.

MISCONCEPTION #5: The Company you give your rug to is always the one that will actually be doing the work.

Not always the case. Many companies that advertise rug cleaning do not do the work themselves… and so you need to find out who is being honest with you and who is cleaning your rugs and are these folks cleaning them properly. We welcome you to visit our plant any time.

MISCONCEPTION #6: If something goes wrong, I’m sure my cleaner has insurance.

Not necessarily. Insurance companies insure differently depending on the cleaning processes and the facilities. It’s easy for a carpet cleaner to save money by cleaning a rug on his driveway without a proper facility. Even if he has insurance it most likely does not cover workmanship. If he damages it because he did not clean it properly, it’s not covered.
Carr’s is fully insured to pick up, clean, store and deliver your area rugs back to you.

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