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Keep that new couch, chair, or carpet protected and stain-free with Carr’s Rug Cleaning professional rug protector. This advanced protective treatment can safely and effectively safeguard all types of fabrics, rugs, and textiles to keep them looking good as new. Call us today to request an appointment by calling (865) 584-2116.

Professional Carpet Stain Protector

As a world leader in protective fabric and carpet treatments, Fiber ProTector® offers thorough protection for all textiles, even the finest natural ones. It will not affect the carpet’s or upholstery’s natural properties such as breathability or surface texture, nor will it affect other fabric treatments such as fireproofing or anti-static.

Benefits of Fiber ProTector®

Having your upholstery and carpets protected with Fiber ProTector® prolongs the overall lifespan of these textiles. Other advantages of using this innovative rug spill protection treatment include:

Effectively shields against most oil and water-based stain-causing liquids

Prevents the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria

Improves professional deep cleaning, saving you time and money

Reduces the necessary amount of chemicals and water needed for cleaning

Releases stains easier than typical carpet stain removers

Improves indoor air quality

Protects against UV sun-fading and static build-up

Reduces wear and tear

Makes vacuuming more effective

Professional Cleaning Services since 1984

Professional Upholstery & Carpet Care System

Through Fiber ProTector® carpet and textile protection, we have developed a revolutionary system that encapsulates every fiber in the fabric. It won’t keep spills and dirt from landing on your carpet or furniture, but it will prevent dirt and fluids from penetrating and sticking to the fabric. This professional rug protector provides easy stain removal and reduces the amount of deep cleaning necessary, resulting in considerable savings.

Fiber ProTector® is completely harmless to humans, animals, and the environment. This innovative treatment incorporates bacteriostatic technology, which prevents the development and spread of bacteria, while also offering protection against staining and dirt retention. Upholstery and carpet cleaning can be performed more efficiently, and the appearance of soft furnishings is significantly enhanced.

Knoxville TN Carpet Stain Protection

Carr's Rug Cleaning: Knoxville’s Professional Rug Protector

Located in Knoxville, Carr's Rug Cleaning provides our professional rug protection services in Maryville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Loudon, Kingston, and all nearby communities. Request an appointment today by calling us at (865) 584-2116. Choose us for all your carpet and flooring needs including Oriental and area rug cleaning, rug pads, tile and grout cleaning, and wood floor cleaning.

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