Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can pick up your rugs and reinstall upon delivery. There is a small round trip charge which varies depending on zip code. Extra charges may apply for rugs under beds and especially heavy furniture.

Yes, we offer short term storage. Charges are based on the size of the rug and length of storage.

Yes. Your rugs are insured while in our custody.

We have a small collection of fine hand knotted rugs, both new production and antique. In addition, we occasionally take rugs on consignment and we sometimes have rugs that are never picked up.

A good rule of thumb is every 2-4 years. However, rugs that are in heavy use areas or subject to pet accidents may will require shorter intervals.

Yes, we offer full service repairs from edges and fringes to reweaving.

Oriental rugs should never be cleaned in the home. Prolonged drying can result in foundation damage. Dyes can bleed. Most carpet cleaning detergents are too harsh for wool and the fringes are vary difficult to clean on location. Also, the dry soil in the rug cannot be removed in the house.

In most cases we can guarantee complete odor removal.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do. We also clean silk rugs, sisal rugs, needlepoints, hooked rugs, braided rugs and Moroccan rugs.

Typically, carpet will begin to feel dry in 6-8 hours but some areas could take up to 24 hours to completely dry. Dry times can vary based on the construction of the carpet (berbers are slower to dry), level of soiling (more heavily soiled areas require multiple cleaning passes), and air flow within the structure (higher ceilings and more open floor plans dry faster).

These are the result of filtration soiling which occurs when air is forced through a narrow opening (where the wall and floor meet) and the carpet acts as a filter filtering out the atmospheric soils. These particles are very small and can stain the carpet. These areas can be cleaned but with varying levels of success.

We have several levels of remediation to remove or mitigate urine odors. Remember it’s not just the face yarns that are affected. Carpet backings, padding and subfloor may all be affected. Another factor is the animal still in the house as it may not be practical to go the expense of doing a complete decontamination if the animal is just going to re-contaminate the area.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards as well as checks and cash.

Absolutely! Most indoor allergies are from dust mites, molds, and pet dander. Cleaning greatly reduces the concentrations of these protagonists. In addition we have separate allergy treatments which eliminate or greatly reduce allergy attacks.

Yes, we do. Velvet can be quite difficult which explains why most cleaners turn them down. Texture distortion is the primary issue and grooming the fabric after cleaning can often exceed the time required to clean.

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