3 Tips for Handling Pet Accidents

A pet is an important part of the family that brings joy to our lives. However, even the best-trained pets can occasionally have accidents in the home. At Carr’s Rug Cleaning, we know your pets are important, so today, we are sharing our top three tips for caring for your floors after a pet accident. 

Tips for Handling Pet Accidents

1. Act Quickly 

When an accident happens, have a solid plan to clean up spills and spots quickly. Keep products on hand near your common areas. Not all cleaning products are created the same, so be sure to have the right products that are safe for the surfaces in your home, whether carpet, stone, wood, or area rugs

2. Utilize Area Rugs

Urine can damage rugs and carpet, wood, or stone flooring. Therefore, our next tip is to utilize strategically placed area rugs in the home. Choose area rugs that can be washed when possible. Another feature to look for is a colorfast dye. Additionally, a patterned design can help disguise any future stains that could occur and help prolong the life of the rug. 

3. Protect Your Rugs

Rug pads and fiber protectors are helpful in protecting your rugs, delaying the need to replace them. A fiber protector helps suspend spills to give you more time for cleanup, while a rug pad provides non-slip cushioning in addition to rug and floor protection. While we offer three different types of rug pads, our Eco by Design and Eco Preferred rug pads both provide a pet urine barrier.

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