The 3-Step Carr’s Upholstery Cleaning Process 

Upholstered furniture makes our homes feel warm, cozy, and functional. However, they can also be the culprits of holding odors, pet dander, allergens, and much more, and they may also possess stains or misshapen cushions. The proper cleaning of upholstery is essential due to the variety of fabrics and fiber options. At Carr’s Rug Cleaning, we can help with all of your carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning needs. Today, we are sharing more about our three-step process.

3 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

1. Assess & Prepare 

First, our team members will assess each piece of upholstered furniture. We’ll look for damage, color fastness, type of fiber, and overall conditions. This will help us restore your furniture to a like-new appearance. After our assessment, we’ll protect the floors and surface areas with drop cloths and set up for cleaning. 

2. Customized Cleaning

To begin the cleaning process, we will vacuum the furniture to remove soil and pet hair, helping to take off any surface dirt so we can clean deeper into the fibers. We then apply a pre-conditioning agent to suspend and emulsify the soil. This will loosen all of the dirt particles to help your furniture look new again. Then, we thoroughly rinse to remove all of the detergents, along with the soil.

3. Thoroughly Dry and Protect 

The last steps of the process are key as well. We use air movers to speed the drying process, removing the moisture from the furniture. At the very end of the process, we apply a protectant to guard against soil and stains. This will help to maintain the look of your newly-cleaned upholstered furniture. 

Outdoor Furniture 

In addition to indoor furniture, we offer services for outdoor furnishings. We pick up these items to clean out our plant, so this can be great to do off-season.

The team at Carr’s Rug Cleaning is here to answer all of your questions and offer our professional advice on cleaning furniture, rugs, and carpets. We service the Knoxville, TN, area, including Maryville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, and Kingston, and we are ready to help you. Request an appointment or call us at (865) 584-2116 today.