The 5 Top Reasons You Need a Professional Rug Protector

Your Knoxville home is your haven. So, it makes sense that you’d want to safeguard the carpet, upholstery, and rug treasures that adorn your space. At Carr’s Rug Cleaning, we’re masters in the art of textile preservation. Our secret weapon? We’ve used Fiber ProTector® to protect textiles in countless area homes. Let’s explore our top five reasons to consider this professional rug protector for your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Carrs Rug Cleaning Knoxville Professional Rug Protector

What Is Fiber ProTector®?

Fiber ProTector® is a global leader in protective treatments for fabric and carpets, ensuring comprehensive protection for all textiles, from the most delicate natural fibers to robust synthetics. It respects and preserves the characteristics of your fabrics, from their breathability to their natural surface texture, and it plays well with other fabric treatments, including fireproofing and anti-static solutions.

1. Defends against Stains

Fiber ProTector® weaves an invisible shield that fends off oil and water-based stains. It’s a robust guardian against liquid mishaps and soil, offering impeccable protection. Moreover, it’s like sunscreen for your textiles, guarding them against the fading effects of UV exposure.

2. Prolongs Textile Lifespan

Fiber ProTector® works magic through a cutting-edge nanotechnology-based formula, creating a lasting bond with your fabrics. While no protector can claim to last forever, Fiber ProTector® provides sustained protection, preserving your cherished textiles for years to come.

3. Environmentally Responsible and Safe

Fiber ProTector’s® proprietary formula uniquely contains no harmful components such as Silicone, PFOA, or PFOS. It proudly boasts the EnviroSeal® certification, signifying its commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s undergone rigorous independent testing to prove its safety for humans, and as it dries, it even enhances indoor air quality.

4. Defying Bacteria with Silent Precision

Fiber ProTector® goes beyond traditional protection. It actively creates a clinically proven Bacteriostatic environment on your textiles, leading to an impressive 99.9% reduction in mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

5. Preventing Fiber Erosion

Fiber ProTector® employs its unique surface tension-reducing prowess to thwart particles that could damage your textiles. Because it prevents these unwelcome guests from adhering to your fabrics, it minimizes the contact between fibers and thus reduces wear and tear.

In short, Fiber ProTector® can be the unsung hero of your home’s rugs, upholstery, and carpet. Experience the benefits of a well-guarded home environment. To protect your fibers or for a rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more, contact Carr’s Rug Cleaning at (865) 584-2116 or request an appointment online today. With a professional rug protector by your side, you’re not just preserving your textiles but safeguarding the charm and comfort of your Knoxville home.